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Salvador Cabinet

The NAT Venues Jardí Botànic de Barcelona Salvador Cabinet

NOTICE: The Salvador Cabinet will remain closed to public on March 16th and 17th. Sorry for the inconveniences.

The Salvador Collection is the core of the Salvador Cabinet, which is conserved in the building of the Institut Botànic de Barcelona, on Montjuïc.  It was acquired by Barcelona City Council and handed in to the Institut Botànic de Barcelona -part of it in 1945 and another part in 2013. The contents of the cabinet has reached us in very complete form, thanks to the efforts of generations of the Salvador family, generations of botanists of the Institut Botànic de Barcelona and authorities of Barcelona City Council in different times. All of them have made it possible for this unique cabinet of curiosities to be conserved today.

The Salvadors were a dynasty of apothecaries and naturalists from Barcelona, who, from the early 17th century to the middle of the 19th century, collected a library and some very important scientific collections. They opened up this patrimony to studious people from at least the middle of the 18th century. This was the first “museum” open to the public in Barcelona. The old wooden polychrome furniture has been conserved in good condition, together with a collection of books and documents and a natural science collection.

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How to visit it

  • Place: it is currently on display on the ground floor of the IBB, where it can be visited. For security reasons and to guarantee its correct preservation, entry into the Cabinet is not allowed. The pieces that compose it must be observed from the outside of the glass that protects them. The visit is included in the entrance to the Jardí Botànic de Barcelona (JBB).
  • Timetable:
    •  Saturday to Sunday:
      • November, December and January: 10 to 17 h
      • February and March: 10 to 18 h
      • April, May, September and October: 10 to 19 h
      • June, July and August: 10 to 20 h
  • Access: 30 minutes after the opening of the exhibition until 30 minutes before it closes.