Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona

Centre Martorell d’Exposicions

The NAT Venues Centre Martorell d’Exposicions

Barcelona is opening the new Centre Martorell d’Exposicions (Martorell Exhibitions Centre) in the city’s Ciutadella Park. It is under this name that the first public museum ever built in Barcelona and Catalonia is now reopening its doors. Originally inaugurated as the Martorell Museum in 1882, it later became the Geology Museum in 1924 and remained operative until 2010, when it closed its doors to the public.

This recently renovated unique historic building has become the second facility open to the public as part of the La Ciutadella Knowledge Hub (Ciutadella del Coneixement)This Centre’s cultural activity will help to consolidate the Ciutadella Park’s scientific facet, to bring science closer to the local people and to bring to fruition this great project that will convert the city’s oldest park and its surrounding area into a leading European hub of knowledge, outreach, research and innovation.

The Centre Martorell d’Exposicions (Martorell Exhibitions Centre) open with two temporary exhibitions: Nature or culture? A view from the natural science museumown production and Wow. Museum animals: science, technique and art, an exhibition that has the collaboration of Parque de las Ciencias de Granada

From now on the new venue will hold scientific exhibitions on natural sciences , topics with a strong social impact related to both the climate crisis and biodiversity, as well as the exploration of the current frontiers of knowledge.