Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona

What do we offer?

Science Scientific and technical services What do we offer?

The Museum collection resources are open and accessible to the scientific community. Researchers can personally come and see the collection specimens and also request them on loan for research purposes. The collection departments also loan specimens for temporary exhibitions at other museums or cultural centres.

The Museum has various laboratories, such as the zoological preparation lab,  the preventive conservation and restoration lab and  the thin section lab.. These laboratories primarily serve the Museum departments by preparing collections, carrying out preventive conservation of the specimens held in store or used in exhibitions, and restoring material for display purposes, etc. The laboratories offer advice to other natural history museums around the world, as well as to humanities museums that hold natural sciences materials. They also answer queries received from schools and faculties that teach heritage conservation and restoration techniques, and from faculties that impart training in natural sciences.