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Bulletin of books, magazines and documentation on museology, museology and collection management.

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New acquisitions

These are the latest documents added to the Documentation Centre collection. The bulletin is published quarterly.

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This newsletter also includes the rest of the documentary products: Book of the month, Reading guides, and Recommended reading.

Book of the month

On a monthly basis, the Documentation Centre will review a book to recommend its reading.

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Reading guides

On the occasion of the International Book and Reading Year (2005), the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona and the Botanical Institute began publishing a collection of reading guides with the aim of completing their libraries and improving dissemination of their archives.

These reading guides show the documents held in the Documentation Centre on subjects of general interest and to complement the Museum’s temporary exhibitions. The guides are classified by subjec

t and listed alphabetically by author. The documentary description includes: author, title, place of publication, publisher and year. The printed version is in quadriptych format.

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Recommended reading

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