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Metallogenesis of the Earth’s mantle

Science Research Metallogenesis of the Earth’s mantle

This continuous line of research is being carried out in the Mineralogy Department and is based on the study of the metallogenic characteristics of the Earth’s mantle and the mineral deposits associated with rocks formed by mantle-derived magma.

At present, several studies are underway associated with the analysis of the distribution of metals in various types of lithology with mantle affinity from different regions such as the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Islands or North and Central America.

Part of the research in this line is included in the project, Mineral resources in the lithosphere of intra-oceanic volcanic[SH1]  arcs: petrogenetic and ore-forming processes (2020-2024), awarded by[SH2]  the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and in which some of the staff from the Museum’s Mineralogy Department participate as members of the research team.

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