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Critical metals for the energy transition

Science Research Critical metals for the energy transition

Our energy and mobility model is currently being reconsidered, alongside the continuous evolution and implementation of new technologies.  In order to abandon the fossil fuel-based model and create a cleaner, more sustainable society, we need a commitment to research along with the exploration and application of critical metals. Those are basic elements for making real the exploration and application of energy transition policies.

This line of research being carried out at the Mineralogy and Petrology Department is based on the exploration and characterization of mineral deposits of these types of critical element, especially elements in the rare earths group.

Part of the research in this line is being carried out in the project entitled, MAGEC REEmounts: Materiales para generación de energía, catálisis y fotosíntesis artificial en Canarias y exploración de tierras raras en carbonatitas subaáreas y en montes submarinos [Materials for energy generation, catalysis and artificial synthesis in the Canary Islands and exploration of rare earths in subaerial carbonatites subareas and seamounts] (2021-2023), granted by the Canary Island Agency for Research, Innovation and the Information Society and in which the Museum participates as part of the research team.

Associated articles

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