Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona


The NAT what we are Vision

We want to be a museum that is:

1. National

The front-line museum of the future Natural Science Museum of Catalonia, heading the system of museums responsible for defending, preserving, increasing and disseminating the country’s natural heritage and people’s awareness of it.

2. A Point of Reference

A centre of knowledge on natural diversity, mainly of the region of Catalonia and the Mediterranean area. A centre that is recognised for its history, the value of its programmes and services, its prestige and the soundness of its judgment and opinion.

3. Green

A museum which, consistent with its commitment to nature conservation, can lead the way and serve as a role model because of its high standards in environmental sustainability; a museum which can be a key player in group efforts in this area.

4. A Training Centre

A museum that would be one of the main learning resources in Catalonia for people of different educational levels who are interested in exploring, understanding, learning about and gaining a more in-depth knowledge of nature.

5. Modern and innovative

A museum that has modern, well-equipped facilities, that organises innovative exhibitions and programmes and that makes full use of new technologies to communicate and to make its store of knowledge globally accessible.

6. Open, inclusive and participatory

A museum that appeals to a wide range of people, has a good volunteer base, facilitates dialogue and collaboration between citizens and experts in its projects, and that encourages active participation.

7. Connected

A museum that is involved in our country’s cultural, social, scientific and environmental life, and that collaborates regularly with other institutions and people with similar objectives at national and international level.

8. Decentralised but cohesive

A museum with several centres, each with a marked identity of its own and performing different functions, but all working together, united in their mission and their objectives.