Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona

Mission statement

The NAT what we are Mission statement

We generate and share knowledge on the diversity and evolution of the natural world with the aim of helping to conserve it and create a society that is better informed, more closely connected and more responsible where nature is concerned.

We do this by safeguarding collections that are tangible evidence of Catalonia’s natural heritage, by researching its biological and geological diversity and by creating experiences that encourage exploration, learning, appreciation, enjoyment

Buffon Declaration

The Museum’s mission statement is in line with the Buffon Declaration, signed in 2007 by 93 natural history institutions (museums, research institutes, botanical gardens, zoos, etc.) in 36 countries over all the continents.

The declaration states that science is vital for the sustainable management of biodiversity and ecosystems, and thus for the survival of the human race on this planet. Natural history institutions make four vital contributions in this respect:

  • They are the primary repositories of the scientific samples on which our understanding of the variety of life is ultimately based.
  • Through cutting-edge research they expand our knowledge of the structure and dynamics of biodiversity in the present and in the past.
  • Through partnerships and training and development programmes they strengthen our overall ability to address current and future environmental challenges.
  • They provide a forum for direct engagement with civil society, which is essential to help bring about the changes in behaviour that our common future and the future of nature depend upon.