Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona


The NAT what we are Values

Our 10 guiding principles and precepts are:

1. Excellence

We pursue maximum quality and rigour in everything we do. We strive to attain the highest professional standards.

2. Integrity

We value honesty and ethical conduct in our activities and professional relations.

3. Responsibility and transparency

We are responsible in the performance of our work and are accountable for our actions and decisions.

4. Sustainability

Our decision-making and daily operations are guided by environmental, social and economic sustainability criteria.

5. Relevance

We address issues that concern and affect society, especially in relation to the environmental and biodiversity crisis.

6. Commitment

We use our resources and skills to exert a positive influence and generate positive action in defence of both nature conservation and social inclusion and harmony.

7. Critical thinking

We value critical thinking and encourage debate and reflection because they help us progress. We transmit these ideas to the public.

8. Teamwork

We believe in teamwork as a tool for improving efficacy and quality, and for bringing collaboration into our work.

9. Continuous learning

We believe in on-going training as a way to improve, innovate, adapt to change and increase efficiency and efficacy.

10. History

We value our heritage, tradition and scientific background –all key elements of our identity, and essential in our mission.