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Centre Martorell d'Exposicions 19/12/2023 - 31/12/2024

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Since ancient times, the desire to learn about and share the abundance of life on the planet has led naturalists to attempt to portray the wildlife of each place through descriptions and drawings.

Little by little, the work of taxidermists has made it possible to build the large collections that are housed in natural history museums today. Taxidermy is an excellent resource for education, public awareness, conservation and research. New materials and advances in technology cannot replace the artistic component necessary to produce the expression and movement of the animals in their natural habitats.

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With the collaboration of Granada’s Parque de las Ciencias, this exhibition presents the outstanding work of taxidermist and sculptor Antonio Pérez, a leading international expert in this field.

Antonio Pérez Rodríguez (Santa Fe, Granada, 1955)

As a self-taught artist with a great passion for the animal kingdom, he is one of the foremost taxidermists in Spain and one of the world’s first to specialise in animals in motion in the wild. To bring them to life, the sculptor analyses the way they move physically, their expression and their anatomy. In the artist’s own words, these sculptures are “the confluence of art and nature for the sake of longer-lasting beauty”.


All the animals on display died of either natural causes or as a result of controlled hunting.

19/12/2023 - 31/12/2024
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