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Science Research

Natural diversity

Functional ecology in agroecosystems

This line of research falls within the framework of the ‘Consolidated Research Group of Agroecosystems‘. It is common knowledge that the intensification of agricultural activities is one of the major causes of the decline in biodiversity and is often associated with the loss of ecosystem functions such as biological control or pollination. The aim of the project, therefore, is to try and analyse the effects of agricultural intensification on the biodiversity (flora and entomofauna) of rain-fed grain fields, in order to evaluate more accurately the ecological repercussions on ecosystem function.

Research projects

  • SoilVeg - Improving soil conservation and resource use in organic cropping systems for vegetable production through introduction and management of Agro-ecological Service Crops (ASC)

    3 years

    Coordinator: Stefano Canali (IT)
    Countries involved: IT, SI, DK, ES, EE, BE, FR and LV

  • Agricultural intensification, biodiversity and pollination in the mediterranean region. Development of environmentally respectful farming practices

    MINECO (CGL2012-39442) and Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona
    2 years

    Head Researcher: F. Xavier Sans, Department of Vegetable Biology, Biology Faculty (UB).

    The aim of the project is to analyse the effect of agricultural intensification, both at plot and landscape scale, on pollination and its effectiveness in target plants.

  • Previous projects

    List of projects prior to 2014, and related publications