Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona

Access to databases

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The permanent collections of the Museum and the Institut Botànic de Barcelona (Botanical Institute of Barcelona – IBB) are in part digitized and open to consultation through several databases. These allow access to material held in the geology, palaeontology, zoology, and botany collections.

Documentation, data cleansing, digitization, and online publication are active projects regarding all collections, and the content that can be consulted online is regularly updated.

For further information on any material, please contact the curator of the respective collection.

Bioexplora Portal – Collections

The portal hosts several projects that offer access to the collections through various databases:

  • OPEN COLLECTIONS: search digitized material from the permanent collections.
  • Taxo&Map: offers filtered searching by organism type as well as geographical area.
  • Guide to Collections: access fact sheets on the material held in the collections.

Bioexplora Portal – Projects

A space on the portal where facts about the collections and related information are gathered in specific projects.

  • Type specimens: catalogue of specimens serving as evidence of taxa.
  • Protagonists: list of people and entities associated with the content of the permanent collections.
  • 3D catalogue: 3D models of specimens from the collections.
  • Geocoding: detailed listing of the provenance of collection items.
  • Bryozoa: description and explanation of the diversity of Bryozoa found in the Western Mediterranean.

ICGC – Database of holotypes and other nomenclatural types

Access to the different nomenclatural types in the Museum’s palaeontology collection – holotypes, syntypes, lectotypes, and neotypes.

GBIF: Global Biodiversity Information Facility

The largest international infrastructure providing free and open access to biodiversity data. It hosts data on collections held in museums, research centres, and universities all around the world.