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More than bees

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More than bees. Pollinators and flowers, life at stake

The aim of this exhibition is to raise public awareness of the essential role of pollinators, particularly wild bees, in guaranteeing the survival of most of the plants on planet Earth.

The decline in the numbers of pollinators on all the continents is jeopardising the sustainability of our agriculture and food supply. Nine out of every ten plants need an insect in order to bear fruit and seeds and it is calculated that 75% of the foods produced around the world depend on insect pollination. There are many causes of the decreased pollinator populations: the insecticides used in industrial agriculture, the fragmentation and loss of habitats, and environmental pollution, among others.

This visual and educational museum exhibition provides materials at different reading levels, to reach all publics. Visitors will find out how pollination works, how insect pollinators take part in it and the role they play in the ecological balance of the Earth.

Given the critical situation generated by this decline in biodiversity, the exhibition aims to provide the guidelines for good practices, to encourage people to get involved in activities that will turn this crisis around.

Finally, the exhibit includes different environmental initiatives promoted by institutions, associations and the governmental administrations and is completed with a schedule of activities for all audiences.

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Projects designed to save the biodiversity

Document database of various environmental initiatives promoted by entities, associations and at the same time the administrations:

Projects designed to save the biodiversity

If you know or participate in a pollinator initiative and would like us to add it, please feel free to contact us!


This exhibition implicitly contemplates the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG:

To know more

In the various areas of the exhibition you will find some science pills to deepen more about the exposed contents.

In this link we advance this information so that you can consult it from home:

Pills of science

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