Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona


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The opening of the Museum at Forum Park was the arrival of the first great public cultural facilities in San Martí districtThe territory around the Museum offers a chance to forge strong links with society and cement inter-relationships. By getting to know the area well and working on social relations, common projects are now being established with the associative and education network.

It started so what is called project of proximity, being developed from discussions with all groups involved, such as neighborhood associations, schools, non-governmental organizations, social organizations, etc. 

The museum has a communication plan to present the offer to the nearest territory, taking into account the cultural, economic and social characteristics of each sector, with the aim of achieving an “appropriation” of the Museum by residents. Several campaigns have been designed as “Spends the summer with us” or “If you‘re not coming isbecause you don’t want to”.

We have established links and partnerships with associations, institutions and businesses in the immediate environment, such as the District of San Marti,  the Trinijove Foundation and Barcelona Forum District, or civic centers of various districts, to carry collaborative projects and activities.