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Nutrition, Source of Life

Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona From June 3 2015 to 29 May 2016

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“Nutrition, Source of Life” is a major exhibition project that raises awareness about the basic concepts in food and nutrition and healthy eating habits that we all need to put into practice for increased health and quality of life.

The exhibition uses an immersive experience to propose ways to make food an important part of our lives and highlight healthy behaviour. This should be done by using critical analysis to find solutions based on a responsible, balanced vision while considering individual behaviour and the environment.

Nutrition is a question of balance!

Areas of the Exhibition

  1. Large-Screen Audiovisual
    Presentation in audiovisual format to begin an immersive experience in the world of nutrition.
  2. A Walk Through History
    This area provides an overview of the history of nutrition from prehistoric times to the nutrigenomics of the future.
  3. The Four Sides of Health
    Health is based on four basic items: adequate food and nutrition, an optimal balance between rest and physical activity, and suitable education and hygiene habits, all set in a sustainable environment.
  4. Pyramid Plaza
    The three sides of the FINUT pyramid, which is based on the Mediterranean diet, indicate how to eat a varied diet, lead an active life, follow healthy education and hygiene habits, and achieve a sustainable environment.
  5. The Pyramids of the World
    Each country has designed a dietary guide in accordance with its own culture, gastronomy, religions and other features. The different pyramids of countries such as Argentina, Guatemala, the United States and Japan are good examples.
  6. The Food Market
    This market contains the basic items in the Mediterranean diet: water, olives and olive oil; meat and eggs; cereals; fruits and vegetables; milk and dairy products; pulses, dried fruits and nuts; fish and seafood; as well as other foods whose intake should be limited.
  7. The Mediterranean Diet
    The Mediterranean diet is a valuable cultural heritage whose simplicity and variety make for a complete, balanced combination of foods based on fresh, local products in season.
  8. Find out More…
    Interactive, manipulative module based on rotating disks moving disks. Visitors can discover interesting facts and find answers about healthy living habits.
  9. Educational Workshop
  10. How Do You Eat?
    An app that allows visitors to determine whether or not they’re following healthy living habits and eating a balanced diet.
  11. Healthy Eating Habits
    These habits are based on the following paired activities: rest-physical activity, healthy education-hygiene, environment-sustainability.
  12. Not a Bit.
    Some substances such as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol have been repeatedly shown to provide no benefits and to be hazardous to your health. Their use should therefore be avoided.
  13. Sit Down for a Meal
    This interactive invites visitors to prepare a three-course meal by choosing from the products eaten in eleven different countries and then discovering the nutritional value of their choices.
  14. Nutrition and Gastronomy. Uniting the Past and the Future. Universitat de Barcelona.
    The Universitat de Barcelona cooperates with the exhibition through the Torribera Food and Nutrition Campus, which is dedicated to research and innovation in areas related to food and gastronomy. This panel provides information about the nutrition and gastronomy of the past and the future.

Oganized by:

Consorci del Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona

Produced by:

Fundación Iberoamericana de Nutrición y Parque de las Ciencias de Granada

Coordination of adaptation:

Fundación Iberoamericana de Nutrición i Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona.

With the support of:

Departament d’Agricultura, Ramaderia, Pesca, Alimentació i Medi Natural, i l’ Institut Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona

In collaboration with :

The Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona is attached to Catalonia, European Region of gastronomy.

Documents that might interest you

Nutrition, Source of Life

Nutrition is one of the topics that arouse most interest in society as it forms the foundation of a long and healthy life. Promote food production in a sustainable way, end child malnutrition, contribute to preventing chronic non-transmittable diseases and to know the nutrient interaction with human microbiome, as well as their effects on health and illness, are some of the future challenges it faces.

Aware of the great importance of nutrition, the Ibero American Nutrition Foundation and Parque de las Ciencias have joined forces to produce “Nutrition, source of life”, an exhibition directed predominantly for the general public, to raise awareness of the fundamental concepts in food everyone should implement to have better health and quality of life. The exhibition explores the concepts of Nutrition and Food, promotes healthy lifestyles, and transmits values and best practices for the public and the environmental conservation.

Nutrition, source of life, is conducted in the framework of the 20th International Congress of Nutrition to be held in Granada in September 2013 and aims to make food and nutrition an important part in our lives, highlighting which behaviours improve our health. The improvement of lifestyle in a sustainable way requires a critical analysis to come up with solutions that are based on a responsible and balanced view, but also a reflection of individual behaviour and of the environment.


Ángel Gil Hernández
Presidente de la Fundación Iberoamericana de Nutrición


Year: 2013
Pages: 109
Publish: Fundación Iberoamericana de Nutrición y Parque de las Ciencias
Photos: Gestión de Diseño y Antonio Navarro
Design and Layout: Gestión de Diseño
Languagge: spanish-english
ISBN : 978-84-938590-6-0
Prize: 10 € iva inc. Available at the shop of the Museu Blau

Available online : exhibition catalogue

From June 3 2015 to 29 May 2016
Temporary exhibitions Hall. Museu Blau
Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 to 19 h
Sundays, holidays and open days, from 10 to 20 h
Closed: Mondays (except public holidays) and January 1, May 1, June 24, and December 25
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