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Epippigerida asella

24 July 2023

Let’s continue with the Types of MCNB, specimens of current or fossil fauna that have been used to describe a new taxon, species or subspecies, in most cases.

The museum preserves a very valuable part of the insect collection made by Longí Navàs i Ferrer (Cabacés, 1858-Girona, 1938), a Jesuit priest and great naturalist, a renowned specialist in neuropterans and related species.  The Navàs collection, with worldwide scope, has been preserved at the Museum since 1976. It has around 8,000 specimens. In addition to neuropterans and related species, it brings together other groups such as orthopterans, a large number of which are type specimens.

Among the type specimens of orthopterans with long antennae, we would like to highlight the holotype of a saddle-backed bush cricket species, Ephippigerida asella Navàs, 1907, endemic to Catalonia, with a very restricted pre-Pyrenean distribution.  Described with only one female specimen, found in El Miracle, in the municipality of Riner in the Solsonès region, in 1906. The species is classified as threatened on different European and national green lists, and protected locally in Catalonia.

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