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Brolla is the successor to the old newsletter, Butlletí informatiu, produced by the Associació d’Amics del Jardí Botànic (Association of Friends of the Botanical Garden). The first issue (number 0) was published in January 2003, when we asked our readers to suggest a title for the new publication. The suggestion sent in by Miquel Comas, a member of the Friends of the Garden, was judged the best, and the newsletter was given the name of Brolla, which means both “spring” and “undergrowth” in Catalan.

The 16-page publication is the fruit of work put in by both the Garden staff and members of the Association of Friends. The sections highlight different aspects -promotional, scientific and educational- as well as news items and reports on the Garden’s relations with other public and private institutions and actions and activities. Brolla is also used as a tool to enable the Association of Friends to communicate with its members.

A particularly interesting section in the publication is “Aprenem botànica” (Let’s learn Botany), which focuses on a particular plant family based on a species found in the Garden Collections. Brolla is also illustrated by artistic work by volunteers from the Association of Friends.

Brolla vol 57 (2023)

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