Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona

ORÍGENS. UniversTerraVidaHumanitat

Museu de Zoologia February 2007

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In order to help us discover our cosmological, biological, and cultural origins, the exhibition ‘ORÍGENS’ (ORIGINS) integrates the latest research from diverse scientific fields on the Universe, Life, the Earth, and Humanity. One of the primary goals of this exhibition is to learn about these four areas through numerous scientific disciplines including cosmology, astronomy, geology, paleontology, chemistry, biology, and even anthropology and archeology.

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The exhibition explores, following the four themes of the exhibition’s title, the growth of the cosmos, the internal forces that make the Earth a ‘live’ planet, the possibility that life originated from space, and scientific research on the brain that helps us to understand why we are humans. Over time, human ideas and views on the origin and development of the Universe, Earth, Life, and Humanity have evolved and these exhibition uses real, human-made objects to explain these changes. This progress in understanding our origins has been continuously challenged by belligerent geocentrism, creationism, and anthropocentrism.


February 2007
Museu de Ciències Naturals de la Ciutadella (Zoology building)
Museu de Ciències Naturals de la Ciutadella