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3D catalogue of the collections

6 November 2018

The 3D catalogue of the Museum’s collections is a virtual catalogue that can be consulted on the Internet. Like the databases of photographs and collections, this catalogue provides access to the Museum’s collections deposited in its Scientific Area in the Ciutadella buildings.

Here we present the first catalogue, the 3D Osteological Catalogue , which includes 3D images of the bones of vertebrate skeletons taken from original specimens in the Museum’s collections. Currently, most of the images are of bird and mammal skulls and mandibles, and in the future we hope to make all the bones of some species available in the catalogue. Most people are unused to seeing this fascinating type of images, which here are accompanied by information that will help viewers understand more readily just what they are seeing.

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The validity of the 3D images in the scientific study has been checked (Quesada et al.,). 3D images validity 3D images are of great use to scientists and in pedagogical activities. They may be of professional interest to some or may simply satisfy other people’s curiosity. This project aims to make the Museum’s collections easier to consult, thereby satisfying one of basic tasks of any public museum collection –– that it be accessible to all.