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Laboratori de Natura


The Laboratory of Nature is located in the Museum science area and is open to the scientific community. The collection is used constantly by teams of researchers from around the world. Moreover, the Laboratory pursues a mission of serving the general public by providing information and knowledge about the natural environment. To this end, the Lab takes part in projects to disseminate the natural sciences through the Museum’s public programmes.

Scientific consultation of the collections

The collections have always been an important focus of constant, active scientific consultation by researchers all around the world.

Consultation of the collections may serve scientific purposes or may be related to education, dissemination, cultural events, etc.

Scientific consultation takes place in Museum facilities, and the dates and times of visits must be arranged in advance with the curator in charge.

To make an advanced search for the curators in charge of the collections, go to the section “What are you looking for?”

Loan of collections

Cultural loans and scientific loans entail material being taken from the Museum to a temporary exhibition or to a researcher’s laboratory.

Grants of samples occur when a researcher needs to practice some form of analysis with material from the Museum Tissue Bank. In such cases, the Museum assesses the suitability of granting the request, as samples are not returned to the centre, and are finite. Researchers must provide good reason for obtaining samples and using them in their research projects.

For any queries about loans and the management of the collections, please contact the staff responsible for the Museum collections.

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