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Welcome to the access tools to the Geological and Zoological collections of the Natural ScienceMuseum of Barcelona.

Online Collections

The Online Collections (Ajuntament de Barcelona, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona) offer access to documentation corresponding to a large proportion of the collections of the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona. This catalogue provides information on registered zoological and geological specimens –  specifically on the non-arthropod invertebrate, arthropod, vertebrate and mineralogy and petrology collections. Documentation referring to the collections is continuously improved by refining and enlarging the databases and regularly updating content.

For further information, contact the curators of the individual collections.

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Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is an intergovernmental infrastructure that currently comprises 53 countries and 43 international organizations. GBIF is structured with a network of national nodes with the objective of providing access via internet to biodiversity data worldwide.

Listing Museum in GBIF with the referenced collections:

GBIF – Data Publisher MCNB

Guide to the MCNB’s Collections

The purpose of this Guide to the Collections is to offer the general public and researchers a tool to help them explore the content of these natural science collections and to make it easier to consult them. Each colletion has a descriptive record based on the Natural Collection Description (NCD) standard which is complemented with descriptors typical of other metadata schemes which enable users to obtain a description of the entire Museum’s collection.

You can access it at: Guide to the MCNB’s Collections

Taxo&Map – GeoData 2011

Biodiversity data searches usually combine two questions: which organism? and where? We have now divided the search into two ways: the selection of an organism, and the selection of a geographic region. The data found in this search can be refined and exported for use by researchers and interested individuals.

Consult the Taxo&Map website for further information.