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Nat Honourable Mention 2019

Communication NAT Award Nat award 2019 Nat Honourable Mention 2019

Jorge Wagensberg, (Barcelona, ​​1948-2018)

Doctor of Physics and professor of Theory of irreversible processes at the University of Barcelona, ​​Jorge Wagensberg was the pioneer of scientific communication in Spain and creator of the science centre Cosmocaixa, who transformed into a world reference of museography.

In addition to teaching and scientific dissemination, his role as a stimulator of the ideas debate earned him the National Prize for Thought and Scientific Culture of Catalonia (2005). He published about twenty multidisciplinary essay books and worked regularly with the media where he opened debates on topics as varied as animal rights, the environmental crisis or the latest scientific advances.

As a researcher, Wagensberg was the author of a hundred research projects on issues as diverse as thermodynamics, palaeontology or scientific museology.