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Nat award 2019

Communication NAT Award Nat award 2019

The Nat award was created by the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona in 2018 to celebrate its 140 years in existence  and mark this key date in a very special way. The NAT award is granted to a person or institution that have contributed prominently to natural history by adopting a novel perspective on bringing science to the public, enriching knowledge, fostering careers and promoting nature conservation.

The Nat Award consists of a main award and honourable mention.  Awardees receive a piece of art especially designed for the occasion by the prominent sculptor Antoni Llena.

Premi Nat 2019 from Museu de Ciencies Naturals on Vimeo.


Nat Award  winners 2019

The jury has decided to grant the Nat  Award 2019 to Elisabeth Rasekoala and the Honourable Mention Nat to Jorge Wagensberg.

Nat 2019 Award

Elisabeth Rasekoala, chemical engineer and president of African Gong, for her struggle in favor of diversity, sociocultural and gender inclusion in the dissemination, learning and practice of science, which has contributed to the democratization of the science, creation of scientific vocations and sustainable development in Africa.

Nat Honourable Mention 2019

Jorge Wagensberg, a physicist, thinker and communicator of science, for his great contribution to scientific culture as director of the science center Cosmocaixa (Barcelona), which changed the paradigm of science museums with a creative and multidisciplinary perspective with interactive museographies and a clear social vocation.

The Nat Award Jury is formed by:

  • Dacha Atienza, head of research and collections at the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona
  • Mara Dierssen, research director of the Centre for Genomic Regulation of Barcelona
  • Martí Domínguez, writer and director of «Mètode», the Science communication journal of the University of Valencia
  • Xavier Duran, TV3 journalist and writer
  • Teresa Garnatje, director of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona
  • Anna Omedes, director of the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona
  • Joandomènec Ros, president of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans