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Entrada Exposició Planeta Vida. Foto de Duccio Malagamba/museuciencies

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Benchmark exhibition «Planeta Vida»

«Planeta Vida» (Life Planet) interprets the Earth today as the result of the interaction between the physical and chemical environments on the planet and human beings. The rivers, mountains and oceans are closely related to the organisms that live in them and, together, all these elements form a global ecosystem that acts to regulate conditions on the planet.

This vision of the Earth and life, bringing together all the disciplines of natural science, provides the central framework for this exhibition, which is structured into three sections: ‘Biography of the Earth’, ‘Earth Today’ and ‘Islands of Science’.

The first section, ‘Biography of the Earth’, traces a journey through the history of life and its co-evolution with our planet. As its title suggests, ‘Earth Today’ describes our planet as it is now. These two sections feature heritage from the Museum collections. Finally, the ‘Islands of Science’ are semi-permanent, renewable sections, small displays in separate spaces within the reference exhibition that focus on such subjects as evolution, nomenclature and classification, the Mediterranean, animal behaviour, etc.