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Grup escolar al Museu Blau davant vitirna Pelícan. Foto de Mariano Herrera/museuciencies

What's on On activities

Teachers and schools

School and Museum: shared reflection

The basis of educational activities is hands-on work with the exhibitions and objects from the collections with the goal of encouraging meaningful learning through:

  • The visit to the Museum or the Garden as stimulus
  • The science-society relationship
  • The attractions of the natural sciences
  • Creativity to stimulate scientific rigour
  • Cooperative work between the Museum and the school
  • Embracing diversity

Much more than the natural sciences

All activities revolve around work in which the skills developed are not restricted to acquiring knowledge, but also embrace learning how to do, how to act and how to be. Moreover, the pupils also focus on the use of different languages, and on a range of social and historic contexts besides the present. As a result, the natural sciences become much more than specific content; rather, they suggest multiple visions, both professional and educational.

All together now

Cooperation between the Museum and schools is a key part of our work. For this reason, besides organising activities, we also implement projects in which joint work with teachers enables us to implement medium- and long-term community education programmes.

You can view our educational activities in the Schools calendar.